Soldering Tiny Wires

A wide piece of masking tape holds the wires in place.

A wide piece of masking tape holds the wires in place.

In the course of adding a brushless tail motor to a little Walkera helicopter, I had to solder three very small pairs of wires together.

The first solder joint went OK, but as I started to work on the second pair of wires, the first joint came undone.

Then I realized two things:

  • That I should immediately reinforce solder joints with shrink tubing.
  • That I got lucky the first time.

Try as I might, I couldn’t calm my shaky hands sufficiently to solder another pair.

I was also hampered because my usual soldering jigs are big and don’t allow for fine adjustments, such as finessing to ultra-small wires in space until they touch.

Frustrated, I began imagining more complex jigs with small channels to hold the wires in place, but I suspected they wouldn’t work any better than what I already had.

An Internet search quickly provided a simple solution: masking tape, sticky side up, taped to a piece of cardboard.

Quick, cheap, effective.

A few minutes after cobbling this together, I completed my three soldering tasks.

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3 Responses to “Soldering Tiny Wires”

  1. Pete Lane says:

    Thats a great tip, for soldering servo wires together, as I am avoiding as many pigtail plugs as possible when setting up an aircraft.

    Shake and bake.


  2. Doug T says:

    Thanks for the excellent tip and demo photo.


  3. Dave North says:

    Kewl. I’ll have to try that. I normally just tape both wires down to a wood block then “touch and go.” Woohoo, this sounds like a better plan.