Wild Wing Mothership

Dave North (left) flies combat with Mike Bowns, who’s piloting a giant scratch-built Wild Wing mothership which he cut from EPP foam. See Dave land on the flying platform, bringing them both down! Download Wild-Wing-Mothership.m4v. [Dec 12, 2008]

More Wild Wing Combat

Burt Rosensweig shot this one-minute video of late fall Wild Wing combat. Participants: Dave North, Bruce Crawford, Rick Carmichael, Frank D., Larry Smith, Mike Nadler, Bill Smith and Pete. Download . [Nov 24, 2008]

Dublin Melee

Larry Smith shot and edited this one-minute video of the big Boomer vs. Wild Wing combat event in Dublin, CA, Saturday, Sept. 20. Download Dublin-Melee-480× [Sep 21, 2008]

Boomer VTOL

A 30-second video of Dave North setting his Boomer on the grass and taking off vertically. Download VTOL.m4v. [July 7, 2008]

Dave North’s Wild Wing

A 30-second video of Dave testing a small prop on his 7-ounce Wild Wing, powered by a hand-wound outrunner and 2S LiPo. Download [May 9, 2008]

Dave North’s fog

Dave North flies his acrobatic little “fly off grass” design—a nimble float-equipped plane which proves capable of 3D maneuvers. Video spliced from flying sessions September 19 and October 8, 2007.

Flying Over Baylands

I strapped a Panasonic Lumix FX01 camera to my Magpie airplane and sent it aloft to make a widescreen video of Baylands May 24, 2006. You’ll see the park and its surroundings, with lots of water from the winter rains, and other model airplanes flying below.

Visiting a New Field

On August 27, 2006, Bruce, Mike, Gary and I first visited the Peninsula Channel Commanders flying field at Half Moon Bay. It was cloudy when I got there, but soon the clouds gave way to sunshine, with very light breezes. The Slow Stick carried the Panasonic Lumix FX01 camera for this aerial view of the field, which includes flying over Gary, who waves at the plane.